The Pitcairn Island DXpedition team is excited about conducting an EME operation from Pritcairn Island.  It will be the first EME operation from Pitcairn Island, so this will be a brand new one for every EME contact we make.  We will be on the island during an especially good EME window.

We are fortunate to have had the enthusiastic support and advice from Lance, W7GJ.   Thank you, Lance!  We will be using the 6M8GJ Yagi designed by and used by Lance on his legendary EME DXpeditions.  You see the antenna in these photos  provided by Lance.

We will be able to elevate the antenna to extend our windows.

These are your guys!  W0VTT and W8HC have stepped up to make the EME part of this DXpedition happen.  They have taken extra time to familiarize themselves with the equipment, assemble it, and test it.  They have visited EME stations, had detailed conversations with W7GJ, and hit the books.  They are ready.  They are the men to thank for making EME happen from Pitcairn Island.

The Essentials:

Station:  Flex 6700 plus 1500 Watt Amplifier.
Single 6M8GJ Yagi with elevation.
Transmit first sequence on 50.200 MHz
dF 1271 Hz for WSJT-X; (dF 0 for WSJT 10).
We will use W7GJ’s DXpedition protocol:
Our Grid Square is:  CG44ww
If on-island internet allows, we will be in the ON4KST EME chat room.

Please click below to help us make your EME QSO possible.


We are grateful for any support you can give us.  We will work to make this DXpedition the best it can be.

Let’s have some fun!

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