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Jan. 26, 2019:  We’ve had another team change.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, Lou – N2TU, had to drop out.

Mike, K9NW, will be joing our team.  Mike is a well-known DXpeditioner and we welcome him to the team.

Jan. 21, 2019:  On January 23, 1790, the HMS Bounty was lit on fire.  The ship had arrived eight days earlier and after the mutneers and their fellow travelers   removed provisions and other usable items from the vessel, she was set ablaze and sank in the waters of Bounty Bay after burning to the waterline.  With the vessel gone there was no escape and the risk of detection minimized.  A new society was born on Pitcairn Island.

229 years and 267 days later our DXpedition team will arrive on Pitcairn Island and meet the descendants of those who arrived on the Bounty.  Our goal is to contact as many of our amatuer radio friends as possible and put their calls in our log.

Support us if you can.  Above all, give us a call when you hear us and LET’S ALL HAVE SOME FUN!

Jan. 19, 2019:  With 14 team members involved and over the course of a year, it was likely that a member may have to change his plans.  This has occurred, AA7A – Ned, had to withdraw from the team.  We will miss him.

N9TK – Jim will be filling that slot.  Jim was with us on the Bouvet trip, has been on many prior DXpeditions, and is a great team member and operator.  We welcome him to the team.

Posted Jan. 10, 2019:  Key dates of Pitcairn Island DXpedition have been established.  See below.

Aug.1, 2019 — Our sea container, with all our equipment, must be landed in New Zealand, cleared by customs, and ready to transport to the Braveheart for loading of the container contents.  The Braveheart will sail within a few days.

Oct. 7, 2019 —  The Braveheart will arrive in Moorea after completing the charter prior to ours  After provisioning and refueling, the Braveheart will sail to Mangareva, arriving there on Oct. 13.

Oct. 15, 2019 — Our team will fly from Tahiti to Mangareva, board the Braveheart and sail for Pitcairn that evening.

Oct. 17, 2019 — We will be at Pitcairn Island at dawn and begin offloading our equipment as soon as possible.  The Braveheart will depart that evening.

Oct. 18, 2019:  We will get stations on the air as soon as possible.  We have 14 days at the island.

Our first payment to the ship is due in 60 days.  Thank you for the support you have given us.

Dec. 10, 2018:  Six of us spent last weekend in Peoria, IL doing preliminary staging of our DXpedition equipment.  This involved unloading the ill-fated Bouvet DXpedition sea container; sorting items for disposal, sale, or use on Pitcairn; and then re-loading the items we will take to Pitcairn Island.  Those of us participating in the exercise were N4GRN, K9CT, W0GJ, N9TK, W8HC, and K0IR.

We will return just after the Dayton Hamvention to inventory our equipment, double check it, and then repack it in a smaller, 20 ft. sea container.  The container will be shipped to New Zealand in June so its contents can be put aboard the RV Braveheart in early August.  The gear will come ashore with us on Pitcairn in October.  See the photos below.

Our DXpedition dates are looking more and more like the last two weeks of October of 2019.

Nov. 8, 2018:  It’s getting busy, as it always does in DXpedition planning.  The foundation of the website is in place and our Facebook and Twitter outlets are up and running.  We are waiting to get our exact sailing dates from Mangareva so we can schedule our air travel.  Our budget is coming together as is our operational plan. 

It appears we can incorporate EME into our operation and we have begun to plan accordingly.  60 meters is also on the agenda and we are committed to DXpedition mode FT8 operation.

Hopefully next month several us will meet to begin equipment sorting and staging for container shipment.

WOW!  Some of you have already sent us a contribution and the Long Island DX Association has become the first club to support us.  Thank you, thank you.


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