Our Transportation

Team members will fly to Tahiti and assemble there.  Together, as a team, we will fly to Mangareva and take the ferry across the lagoon to board the Braveheart.  Our equipment will already be aboard.

“This will be my fourth voyage on the Braveheart.   Aboard this vessel I’ve experienced the quiet calm of a flat sea in the Indian Ocean, a sea so rough we chose to just maintain a heading off South Georgia, and the ice-ladened waters of the South Orkneys.  Always, with the steady hands and good judgement of Nigel or Matt Jolly at the helm, I’ve felt safe and confident of a good outcome.  This voyage will not be lengthy, only 30 hours or so, but it will be great to once again be aboard this ship that has been key in giving the DX community hundreds of thousands of QSO’s.”

The Braveheart:  A Ship Called Indomitable.

Ralph – KØIR

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